almost got scared

lookking at the list of people that mailed there story in time i found out i was not in that list dispite of mailing it on time. i send it again and placed a comment on the forum and everything worked out just fine. now im on to doing some concept art this wiil probebly take a while because i cant draw.  a well everything will work itself out at the end.

story finished

Last sunday i finished my short story and send it in for approval.  This week i will be working on some concept art for the story just to keep me going. I dont know how to write a script so hoping to get some explenation on that subject.

finishing up my short story

Today ive been working on the final short story i'm going to turn in for the adp class. so a few more bits and pieces to work on and it wil me mailed to Zak.

website almost finished

I got the website almost finished this weekend. The next week wil be filling the site with most of the text and some extra pages. after that its on to the story and script. i got my story almost ready but still trying to figure out how to make a script.

fixed the website trouble

i fixed the problems with the site today and got the image viewer up and running. this weeken we wil be filing the site with more info and pictures. after that its on to the story and script.

website trouble

After testing the site i realized it was getting screwd somewhere when i opened it in internet explorer so later this evening after work its time to fix it.


After a about a week finaly got the website going. With some help because webdesign is something completly new to me. But i have to say i like doing it so far. I wil try to improve the site for as long as the cource takes and improve along the way.